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Rolly X-Trac Premium John Deere 8400R with Trac Loader

  • Opening bonnet and adjustable seat.
  • Fully functional front loader with scooping and tipping action.
  • Has 2 gears and a brake
  • High impact blow molded resin body
  • Fully functional front loader with real scooping and tipping action
  • Front lifting hood for extra play value
  • Integrated front fenders
  • 4 Position adjustable seat (length and height)
  • Front and rear hitch for adding accessories
  • Weight capacity up to 100 lbs
  • Dimensions: 154 (l) x 56 (w) x 91 (h) cm
  • Age grade: 3-10.

Rolly Pedal Powered vehicles provide a fun and exciting way to exercise while helping to develop fine motor skills. The rollyX-Trac Premium tractor comes complete with a front loader and a tipping digger bucket. It has an opening hood for extra play value. The blow molded seat can adjust 4 positions (length and height) to grow with your child. Mechanic features include a strong 12mm thick rear axle, covered integral fixed wheel chain drive, a pedal crank with eccentric bearing chain tensioning system, anti slip pedals, a heavy duty front axle with suspension. The rolly Trac Loader can be removed easily, because it is only fixed with 2 bolts. Please note, that there is only one drive on the left side of the rear axle, so only the left rear wheel rotates when you turn the pedals. If two wheels are running, you can not drive curves anymore, because the wheel on the outside has to cover a longer way than the wheel on the internal side. For additional play value purchase attachments like rolly Tanker (LP53504) or rolly Halfpipe Trailer (LP53500)

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